Wedding Wine Calculator

Provisioning your own alcohol can be a way to save on your wedding reception expenses. Some retailers will even let you return unopened alcohol in saleable condition within 30 days of register receipt. 

Determining the amount alcohol needed for an event of this magnitude is tricky because there really is no perfect answer. With that being said, this is NOT the point in the planning process where you should implement a ‘less is more’ strategy. You don’t want your guests remembering how you ran out of booze!

Our calculator will help you determine how much still wine and champagne you will need based on guest count. Two hints about the percentages:

  1. Don’t overthink them. Poll your wedding party or guesstimate.
  2. They should all together add up to 100%.
  • 0 magnums of LOVELUVV™
  • 0 - 750ml bottles of red wine
  • 0 - 750ml bottles of white wine
  • 0 - 750ml bottles of rosè wine