About Us

Why LOVELUVV Was Created

Samantha Danielle is a former wedding planner turned champagne enthusiast. Armed with a Master of Champagne certification, Samantha birthed LOVELUVV™, a sparkling wine brand dedicated to the life we love, especially wedding celebrations. Drawing on her rich knowledge of the wedding industry, the wines have been thoughtfully curated and offered in sets for online e-commerce. Beyond the bubbles, LOVELUVV™ is a social impact brand committed to supporting organizations dedicated to improving the lives of domestic violence survivors and preventing its recurrence in future generations.

wedding Champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower

But First champagne

We designed our product line specifically for the whole wedding day journey, including the parts leading up to it.

Bride and Groom drinking LoveLUVV Wedding Champagne

Love Shouldn’t Hurt

We leverage the elegance and sophistication of champagne with the vision to financially support 1 BILLION women and children who have experienced domestic violence. Your purchases help us partner with like-minded organizations to amplify our impact and drive positive change towards domestic peace. After all, everyone deserves a champagne life!