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Finally, engaged - gift set

Give the gift of love with the loveluvv engagement package

What’s included:
*1 Bottle of LOVELUVV Champagne (26 oz)
*The Knot Book of Wedding Lists.
* 2 FREE Personalized champagne flutes.


“Pop The Champagne! You're changing your last name!”

Get Prepared

A great gift for the newly engaged! The Knot Book of Wedding Lists distills all the great information from The Knot and crafts it into useful, organized lists that will eliminate the stress and make planning a wedding as simple as checking off boxes.
Bridesmaids toasting and drinking LoveLUVV

Love, Wrapped and Bottled.

Don’t get overwhelmed! LOVELUVV champagne is going to sooth your nerves during the planning process so this is a great starter kit!

Unwrap the love, uncork the celebration, and create moments to remember with LOVELUVV.

Elevate Your Celebration!

Toast to the Future

It's a toast to the future, a celebration of love, and a practical resource for the engaged couple ready to embark on their journey.

Memories in Every Sip

You not only get a bottle of premium champagne but also a checklist to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Thoughtful Planning

Our gift box combines the elegance of our champagne with the most essential to-do list in one easily accessible book.

Love is a Gift

By sending a bottle of LOVELUVV along with The Knot Book of Wedding Lists, you're sending well-wishes for their big day!

A Toast to Love

With LOVELUVV, you embark on a journey of love, where each sip is an opportunity to celebrate life’s most beautiful moments.

We invite you to explore our collection, discover the heart and soul in each bottle, and experience the magic of LOVELUVV.

Join us as we raise a glass to love, elegance, and the pure joy that comes from sharing life’s special occasions with a touch of class.

Get Creative With LOVELUVV!

Drunk & 'LUVV

The richness of bourbon with the effervescence of champagne.


Not recommended but if you feel compelled to add OJ, take a look at the steps below...

Step 1: Don't. Step 2: Pour 5 oz of 'LUVV into a flute and splash with OJ. Step 3: Just...don't!

'Til Death Do Us Party

LOVELUVVS's light, crisp notes with the sweetness of watermelon and a hint of vanilla vodka.


Champagne with the inviting shades of Fall – fiery oranges, deep maroons, and earthy browns.

Simply add edible glitter to the bottom of your flute and top with LOVELUVV!

Seize the Moment

Now is your chance to elevate your celebrations, create lasting memories, and share the love. Explore our exclusive LOVELUVV ift boxes, each a blend of elegance and practicality.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your moments memorable and your celebrations extraordinary. Pour out love, toast to the future, and experience the magic of LOVELUVV. Shop now and raise your glass to love!



Save more when you buy in bulk!

The Perfect Pair

2 - 26oz bottles of Pour Luvv
$ 197
  • This starter kit is designed for saying yes or right after. Great for long planning meetings or as a gift to the newly engaged. Also, can be used for various small steps towards the big day, such as celebrating when you said yes to the dress, date night with your honor attendants, or while drafting your vows.


4 - 26oz bottles of Pour Luvv
$ 387
  • Perfect for those slightly bigger events that come as you get closer to the big day, bridal luncheons, great for making toasts and thanking everyone, rehearsal dinners, or sharing with your fiancé/fiancée as you get ready.

Catch A Case Of Luvv

6 - 26oz bottles of Pour Luvv
$ 577
  • Having a large bridal shower, engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette parties? There is always a reason to celebrate! This option is also fantastic for smaller wedding receptions. We rco

12 Down, 4 Ever 2 Go

12 - 26oz bottles of Pour Luvv
$ 1077
  • This is for the larger wedding receptions where every guest will toast your love. You can also get this option to have wedding champagne from the start of the planning process to make sure you have a celebratory glass all along the journey. LUVV can flow with you all the way! The perfecr Day is awaiting!

Preparing for your big day? Contact us!

We offer group rates & catering!

Whether you are looking for yourself or for a friend, we have a number of accommodating packages built to suit your every need.

Bride and groom sitting in a boat drinking LoveLUVV Champagne

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