Love is far more than a beautiful feeling. It’s a series of moments, words, actions, and above all, an attitude. In its reality, it is a choice to live to our highest self, even in our lowest moments. It’s a calling and a hope, it is practical and sensible, as well as whimsical and playful.

And in turn, a wedding is more than a day. It is all the moments leading up to it and all the years to come. This day can be a celebration of what has been built up until now, a hope for the future, a playful exploration of what your relationship represents to you both, or a soulful, authentic ritual of the importance you are to each other. Whichever direction you choose, there will be moments of emotion, of laughter, of seriousness and of play.

LOVELUVV™ champagne was mindfully and specifically selected for each and every moment you live as you create this reality with your partner.

Love is…?

LOVELUVV™ champagne has been curated to celebrate all the answers to that question, from the small to the big moments. Our champagne is an authentic symbol of all you have worked and dreamed for on your journey to happiness and fulfillment in love. The journey is never over, it’s always just beginning and we are here to walk it with you. Heavy consideration is given to ensuring the aromas and textures of the selections will be superb for you and your guests to enjoy from arrival to departure for all wedding celebrations.